Alliance Partners

In 2009, Sovereign began working with alliance partners RE Invest Solutions, LLC, a brownfield redevelopment firm, and Integrity Energy, LLC, a solar energy firm, to implement brownfield investment and solar photovoltaic projects throughout the nation.

RE Invest Solutions, in partnership with real estate developers, finances environmental remediation projects in exchange for an equity position in the redevelopment project. RE Invest invests in Brownfield properties to help corporations and municipalities monetize their surplus fixed assets and transfer environmental liability. Sovereign and RE Invest together offer real estate developers, corporations and municipalities creative solutions to finance, remediate and redevelop distressed and underutilized industrial properties.

Integrity Energy is developing a portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy projects in which Integrity has a major equity investment. Integrity works with companies as a PV integrator offering comprehensive services for project financing, engineering, and turnkey installation. Sovereign and Integrity are teaming to plan, construct, operate, and maintain renewable solar energy systems for commercial, nonprofit, educational, and governmental clients.