Sovereign's Sustainability Program

Sovereign recognizes the importance of minimizing demands on the environment. We incorporate Best Management Practices for sustainability into all phases of our work and site remediation. Our goal is to develop programs that use natural resources and energy efficiently, reduce negative impact on the environment, and consider all environmental effects. In incorporating sustainability principles into projects, we evaluate air emissions and discharge to water bodies, energy requirements, waste generation, and long-term monitoring requirements. Our belief is that sustainability should contribute to the economic viability of the project and conserve natural resources with minimal negative impact on land and ecosystems.

Sovereign installed a roof-mounted 43KW solar photovoltaic (PV) system at a corporate office building in Robbinsville, NJ. Sovereign evaluated solar roof top and solar covered parking options, guided the owner in the updating of the facilities HVAC system and completed a reroofing program prior to the system installation. Structural roof limitations required a shield racking system which reduced the roof load and permitted full use of the roof space. The PV array consists of 184 Sharp solar panels, which are attached to a ballasted racking system, attached to wall-mounted SMA inverters located inside the building’s warehouse space. The system generates approximately 50% of the electrical energy consumed by our employees.  Sovereign financed the project with a New Jersey solar rebate and a U.S. Department of Treasury 1603 Grant which combined funded 55% of the installation cost. In addition, the project captured the 50% bonus depreciation.

Sovereign utilizes DECK Monitoring for real-time monitoring of the Robbinsville PV array. DECK Monitoring is a certified provider of monitoring services for renewable energy systems. View statistics from the Robbinsville solar PV array here.