Financial / Insurance

Sample Clients

  • First Commercial Bank New York Agency
  • Newtown Savings Bank
  • Unum
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Custard Insurance Adjusters

A Practical Advisor.

With today’s tight credit underwriting requirements, collateral integrity and environmental contingencies are once again important to responsible lenders. Sovereign is an experienced remediator of contaminated properties and has the institutional instinct to detect possible issues with properties that may not be as apparent to the traditional Phase I preparer.

Quick Facts

  • Estimated premium growth for environmental insurance has increased tenfold since 1985.
  • Environmental insurance can replace or strengthen the environmental indemnity in a property transaction.

Lender Due Diligence

We seek to be a trusted advisor for lenders that wish to make informed choices for their clients. Whether to establish a proper plan to deal with environmental issues or establish an adequate escrow for environmental contingencies, Sovereign is your partner in lending risk underwriting.

Insurance Underwriting and Claims Support

Sovereign is an experienced remediation company that delivers practical solutions to insurers facing environmental claims. From source and liability determination to cost-effective remedial oversight or performance, Sovereign offers practical knowledge for minimizing remediation cost exposure. We assist in setting reserves, turning around ineffective remediations or advocating allocation among responsible parties. With over 1,000 completed remediation projects, Sovereign is your resource for cost-effective resolution of remediation liability.