Sample Clients

  • Murray Energy Corporation
  • Great Basin Gold
  • Navajo Nation

Finding a Better Way.

Mining and mineral exploration companies work under extreme scrutiny, accountable to numerous local, state, and federal agencies, residents, nonprofit groups, stockholders, and other stakeholders. Consequently, the modern mining industry must adapt to mitigate environmental impacts through sustainable practices, innovative technologies, and future planning.

Quick Facts

  • A 2011 assessment of US gold resources indicated 33,000 tons of gold in identified (15,000) and unidentified (18,000) resources.
  • A television requires 35 different minerals, and more than 30 minerals are needed to make a computer.

Sovereign is working with several mining companies to negotiate achievable water quality standards for various mine and mine water discharges to surface water and groundwater. Sovereign is conducting mine water management and water conservation projects, mine reclamation projects, and engineering/cost analysis for mine water treatment options.

Sovereign’s team of geochemists, engineers, and geologists bring over 50 years of experience in the mining industry, helping operations achieve compliance with strict environmental regulations while improving their relationships with stakeholders. We have assessed and designed cost-saving approaches for acid rock drainage issues, mine dewatering, water quality improvement, and water treatment systems for removal of heavy metals and metalloids, sulfates, and nitrates in mine waters.

Our services to the mining industry include feasibility studies geochemical and engineering analysis, mine water treatment system design and installation (active and passive), risk assessment, closure planning, and site reclamation.

Sovereign’s Corporate Health and Safety Program provides our personnel with the expertise needed to identify, evaluate, and control industrial safety and health hazards. Our Subcontractor Management Program ensures that the risk, liability, and costs of subcontracted services are managed consistently.