Sample Clients

  • Tidewater Utilities, Inc.
  • Pepco Holdings Inc.
  • United Illuminating (UI)

Providing Connection.

Sovereign assists utilities in achieving their environmental stewardship objectives. We offer all of the up-front environmental services to support electric, gas, water, telecommunication, and other utility projects. Our regional focus, in-house resources, environmental compliance management systems, and extensive network of teaming partners gives our utilities clients a strategic advantage for environmental planning.

Quick Facts

  • Total end-use expenditures for energy in the U.S. economy were $1.4 trillion in 2008.
  • Private water utilities maintain 100,000 miles of distribution mains to serve their customers.

We offer competitive rates and expert staff to support any type of utilities project, from new power generation, remediation of former manufactured gas plants and other environmental liabilities, power transmission lines, and demolition of old substations, to environmental permitting and engineering support for new utility projects related to energy, water, and telecommunications.

Sovereign is a member of the New Jersey Utilities Association and the Maryland-District of Columbia Utilities Association.

Sovereign’s Corporate Health and Safety Program provides our personnel with the expertise needed to identify, evaluate, and control industrial safety and health hazards. Our Subcontractor Management Program ensures that the risk, liability, and costs of subcontracted services are managed consistently.