Cragston Landfill

Sovereign provided project management, site engineering, construction supervision, and project administration to cap and close the Cragston landfill. Sovereign performed surveying and establishing lines and grades, erosion control, clearing and grubbing, seep remediation trenches, grading and sub-grade preparation, construction of a multi-layered geomembrane cover system, placement of a barrier protection fill layer over the geosynthetic cover system, installation of a leachate collection and storage system, gas vents, topsoil placement, fencing and guard rails, and reconstruction of the access road.

Sovereign implemented the closure in accordance with NYCRR Part 360. Currently, Sovereign manages all aspects of long-term monitoring for the landfill, including field sample collection, surface & stormwater inspections, landfill gas monitoring, data validation, database management, reporting, O&M, and monitoring program optimization.

Sovereign proposed alternative approaches which resulted in cost savings of over $150K and incorporated green remediation principles into the project, such as a solar powered autodialer which alerts the West Point DPW when the leachate tank is full.