Design, Permitting, Installation and Ongoing O&M, Roof-mounted 672 kW Solar Photovoltaic System

Sovereign, in conjunction with alliance partner Integrity Energy, LLC, completed a $3M construction project for a 672 kW root-mounted solar photovoltaic system in Branchburg, NJ. The scope of work encompassed system engineering design, permitting, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance under a 20 year contract. The major project elements were:

  • Installation of 2,587 solar panels
  • Removal of 576 tons of roofing stone from the roof prior to the application of the new roofing membrane
  • Installation of 98,000 square feet of roofing membrane
  • Lifting and manual placement of 404 tons of ballast block
  • Installation of a 1,200 amp transformer and two 300-kW inverters
  • Installation of electric car charging station
  • Provision of an uninterrupted power supply to the facility using a 500 kW diesel generator while completing the installation of the new JCP&L service connection
  • Completion of all permit and approvals including: interconnection agreement, SREC registration, REIP approval, 1603 Grant application, building permits, Power Purchase Agreement, site lease and acquisition of long-term SREC contract

The solar PV system is anticipated to offset CO2 emissions by 1,173,205 lbs of carbon annually and provide approximately 80% of the client’s power needs over the next 30 years, with an anticipated cost savings of $750,000 through reduce energy prices.