Former Salt Mine, Corrective Action Plan Design, Implementation, and Site Closure, Avery Island, LA

Sovereign completed a Risk Evaluation / Corrective Action Plan (RECAP) assessment of the Central Operations area of a salt mine in Avery Island, LA. Sovereign conducted soil sampling and identified three areas of investigation (AOIs) at the site.

Sovereign’s responsibilities were performance of the site investigation, preparation of the site investigation work plan, soil sampling to refine the Conceptual Site Model, remediation of soil by excavation and off-site disposal/recycling, site restoration through certified soil backfill, grading, and compaction to match surrounding grade, and final approval by the LDEQ. Sovereign developed the remedial action workplan to address petroleum hydrocarbons and PAHs in soils, conducted two soil excavations, performed confirmatory soil sampling, and prepared a Remedial Action Report using Management Option 2 risk evaluation for submittal to the LDEQ to obtain regulatory closure of the three AOIs.