Landfill Leachate Conveyance Project, Joliet, IL

On behalf of a petroleum client, Sovereign provided construction management of a 3-mile leachate collection and seepage discharge system from the client's landfill site to the City of Joliet Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) wastewater treatment facility. The scope of work required the construction of the conveyance line (force main and gravity main), leachate collection system inspection and maintenance, landfill gas vent and groundwater monitoring, routine inspection of the landfill cap, drainages, and toe drains, surface soil and sediment sampling, interim system installation and maintenance, and site maintenance.

Sovereign managed the scheduling, coordination, and oversight of personnel from the construction company, engineering company, and health & safety provider, all of which were contracted by the client. Sovereign was responsible for assuring that all construction operations on the project were performed in accordance with applicable drawings, specifications, codes, standards, and quality control objectives. Furthermore, Sovereign processed the project financials, reported on project progress to the client’s management teams, and interfaced with all parties affected by the project, such as property owners, utility companies, and IEPA regulatory personnel and their on-site oversight representatives.