Major Oil Company, Master Services Agreement Throughout 7 States

Sovereign provides environmental consulting and remediation services to a major oil company at over 620 project sites in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Sovereign develops work plans and remedial action plans, and completes site characterization and cleanup throughout the Northeast. When site characteristics indicate the need for remedial action, Sovereign evaluates possible remedial alternatives, and implements remedial action. Sovereign evaluates and designs remedies using several remediation technologies.

Sovereign works under state reimbursement funds such as Massachusetts 21J, Pennsylvania USTIF, and Connecticut’s UST Petroleum Clean-Up Program to obtain funding or efficient site closure. Sovereign maintains licensed professionals in each state, from Licensed Site Professionals in Massachusetts and Licensed Environmental Professionals in Connecticut to Professional Geologists in Pennsylvania and Licensed Site Remediation Professionals in New Jersey.

Over 2 years, Sovereign closed 119 sites. Sovereign’s effective environmental program management yields impressive cost savings and site closure results. In one year, Sovereign documented $2.9M in cost savings.