National Grocery Chain, Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, New England

Sovereign currently conducts indoor air quality assessment at stores in New England. Sovereign personnel have helped the client respond to numerous IAQ issues.

During fire sprinkler work at a closed store in New Hampshire, contractors experienced breathing irritation that was suspected to be caused by mold growth in the building. Sovereign performed a comprehensive mold assessment which included the collection of airborne and surficial mold samples and developed a remedial plan for mold abatement.

A Massachusetts store experienced periodic unpleasant odors in a utility tunnel located under the store’s main retail floor. Sovereign assessed the problem, identified a leaking janitor’s sink as the source of the odors, and retained a qualified contractor to clean and sanitize the surfaces in the tunnel.

During renovation of a Connecticut store, contractors identified an area of suspected mold growth. Sovereign was able to confirm that the suspect material was not mold allowing work to resume.

Sovereign has also provided indoor air quality monitoring at several supermarkets in NJ, PA and DE related to asbestos and mold abatement during store remodeling or demolition and reconstruction.