NAVFAC Washington Environmental Restoration Contract

NAVFAC Washington selected Sovereign for a $3.5M, 5-year Base Ordering Agreement (BOA) for Environmental Restoration at Naval facilities in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Under the BOA, Sovereign performed the following natural resources services:

  • Invasive and noxious species surveys and control
  • Wetland restoration, expansion, monitoring, and reporting
  • Collection of surface water, groundwater, sediment, and benthic macroinvertebrate samples
  • Preparation of reports for and negotiation with the US EPA Region III Biological Technical Assistance Group, which consists of US EPA Region III, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and VDEQ.
  • Development of Long-Term Monitoring Work Plans
  • Additional services under the BOA were:

    Sovereign’s strong performance as a member of the Dahlgren Installation Restoration Team (DIRT) merited recognition from the Virginia Navy Tier II Team, which recognized DIRT as the Virginia Tier 1 Team of the Year Award.