Ongoing Groundwater Area Compliance Monitoring at Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Since 1999, Sovereign has managed and implemented numerous in-situ remedial technologies to treat several contaminants through New Jersey’s Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) program. The site operated for more than 100 years as a chemical manufacturing facility. Sovereign performed characterization of soil and groundwater, remedial planning and design, groundwater modeling, system engineering, and work plan development for site remediation. Remedies at the site include air sparging, soil vapor extraction, enhanced in-situ biodegradation, in-situ chemical oxidation using ozone sparging, enhanced natural attenuation, and chemical injection.

Sovereign’s mix of innovative technologies facilitates quicker remediation. For example, over 10 years, the on-site AS/SVE system recovered 33,000 lbs of non-methane hydrocarbons, greatly decreasing the areal plumes of benzene and toluene on the site. Compared to the originally proposed remediation program, Sovereign estimates that the combination of innovative technologies will remediate the site in one quarter of the time and result in a cost savings of $8 to $10 million.