Radiological Soil Remediation at Former Industrial Facility

Sovereign remediated radiological soil contamination at a former industrial manufacturing facility in Newark, NJ to allow residential use and terminate the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission license on the property. Sovereign performed groundwater investigation, plume modeling, risk assessment, and remedial alternative selection. Additionally, Sovereign supported the client in an insurance recovery suit which yielded more than $1.4M in an out of court settlement.

To decrease the sample analysis duration for radium, Sovereign developed a correction factor to account for the in-growth of radon daughters that occur between 1 and 20 days in the growth period, which optimized the mobilization and demobilization phases of the project.

Working with the NJDEP Bureau of Environmental Remediation, Sovereign implemented a soils blending program, the first in the state of NJ. The soils blending program reduced the concentrations of radiological contaminants to levels which facilitated significantly lower disposal costs, producing a $1.2M cost savings to the client. Following the soils blending, Sovereign disposed of the impacted soils to an alternative facility. As a result of Sovereign’s efforts, the property was released for unrestricted use.