Rapid Assessment and Cleanup, Former Lumber Mill, Great Barrington, MA

Sovereign performed emergency response, risk characterization, soil removal, deed restriction, and site closure at a former lumber mill. Gasoline-impacted soil and groundwater were encountered in the vicinity of a former UST system, which mandated a 72-hour notification to the MassDEP. Sovereign assessed impact to receptors, addressed indoor air concerns and potential contaminants, delineated the extent of contamination, and excavated 50 cubic yards of soils.

Sovereign coordinated with the seller and the buyer of the site to manage and understand potential liabilities associated with owning the property, which allowed the sale of the property to proceed and the site cleanup to occur on schedule. The owner and potential buyer of the property were interested in implementing an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL). Sovereign subsequently utilized a preliminary risk evaluation as a basis for prioritizing remedial actions, and was able to limit further remedial work.