Remedial Investigation and Radiological Remediation, Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility

A former organic chemical manufacturing facility operated at a 180-acre property in Fords, NJ. Sovereign completed remediation of buildings and radiological constituents as well as site characterization, remedial investigation workplans and reports, and remedial action workplans for impacted soil and groundwater. Proposed remedial alternatives were electrical resistance heating (ERH) with soil vapor extraction (SVE) as well as attainment of a site-wide Classification Exception Area (CEA) under New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulations.

At one area of the site, Sovereign decontaminated interior surfaces of radiological constituents and remediated radiologically impacted soil using soil blending to meet the allowed soil concentration limits imposed by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). After completion of site operations, the NRC closed its records on the site. The soil blending action saved the client up to $10M compared to the original plan to dispose of all of the impacted soil at a licensed radiological disposal site in Utah.

Following release of the site by the NRC, the NJDEP determined that areas of the site may exceed the state residual soil contamination limits for an industrial site. Sovereign performed a supplemental radiological investigation which indicated areas of the blended pile exceeded NJDEP regulatory limits. Sovereign prepared a proposal to minimize the volume of soil required for off-site disposal and proposed an institutional control for the area to save $3M in remediation costs.