Utility Client, Environmental Master Services Agreement

Sovereign provides environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, and other incidental services to a confidential client throughout DE, NJ, and MD. Sovereign’s services under the MSA include project management, preparation and submittal of consultation letters, procurement, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) support, alternatives analysis and siting studies, land acquisition support, coordination with regulatory agencies, expert witness testimony, and environmental permitting. Additionally, Sovereign performs environmental and construction evaluation and oversight services such as wetland presence / absence determinations, wetland delineation, mapping, reporting, threatened and endangered species survey and habitat studies, construction monitoring, environmental monitoring, and hazardous materials management. Site-specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and Health & Safety Plan development are among other support services which Sovereign completes under the MSA.

To date, Sovereign has performed environmental permitting and support services at several sites under the MSA to support energy distribution planning, execution, maintenance, and upgrades to existing systems across multiple state and regional boundaries.