Water Rights Support, Judith Basin County, MT

Sovereign assisted with the completion of a water right application for a water supply well in Judith Basin County, Montana.

Initially, Sovereign staff completed a Groundwater Availability Report that evaluated potential yield from a well drilled into different geologic units in the area, and what potential impacts the well might have upon other wells and surface water. The report was used to design the supply well installed at the site. Following completion of a 72-hour pumping test, the data were analyzed to estimate aquifer parameters. The aquifer parameters were then used in an analytical groundwater flow model to evaluate potential impacts to wells and surface water.

Sovereign also developed a detailed analysis of water quality data from the client's well and other wells in the area, and assisted with the completion of application pieces and documents.

Key project elements:

• Wellhead design, rehabilitation, and aquifer testing

• Groundwater and solute transport modeling

• Groundwater-surface water interaction studies

• Groundwater availability evaluations and resource protection

• Water rights and water use permitting