Water Use Permit Modeling, Seminole County, FL

Sovereign made modifications to an existing MODFLOW groundwater model to evaluate ways for Seminole County Utilities to optimize and increase pumping of water supply wells. In the first phase of work for the County, Sovereign varied pumping schemes to obtain the greatest amount of water while minimizing impacts to key lakes. These lakes have minimum water levels specified by the regional Water Management District.

For the second phase of work, Sovereign is preparing to use the optimum modeled pumping scheme to detail area impacts to wells and lakes, as well as to evaluate impacts to springs. Like the lakes, the springs have minimum flows that must be met. The analysis results will be used in support of a Water Use Permit that will be submitted to the Water Management District.

Key project elements:

• Groundwater and solute transport modeling

• Groundwater-surface water interaction studies

• Groundwater availability evaluations and resource protection

• Groundwater management, planning, and supply

• Public water supply permitting and wellhead protection

• Water rights and water use permitting