Wetland Delineation, Permitting, and Restoration, Edison, NJ


In conjunction with an ongoing Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) investigation and related ecological evaluations, Sovereign completed stream bank restoration and enhancement along the Raritan River. Due to the presence of unstable historical fill material and considerable storm and tide related erosion, stream bank stability and water quality at the site were jeopardized. Sovereign managed and completed all wetland, design, restoration, and ecological evaluation tasks.

Specific tasks were wetland delineation, preparation of a combined multi-permit Division of Land Use Regulation application including Freshwater Wetlands Letter of Interpretation (LOI) verification, freshwater wetland general permits, a waterfront development permit, and ecological evaluation of the former chemical manufacturing site. Following permit approval, Sovereign completed the historic fill removal action, stream bank restoration and enhancement, and successfully restored the integrity of the river bank. Within one growing season, the restoration area was completely established and stable and no additional monitoring was required.