Infiltration-Diverting Cap and Full-Scale Biochemical Reactor Operation, Iron King/Copper Chief Mine

Publish Date

August 05, 2013






Authored by James J. Gusek, Ronald J. Buchanan, Jr., Duff Sorells. 

Abstract: A geomembrane and soil cap over a glory hole and a full-scale Passive Treatment System (PTS) including a biochemical reactor (BCR) were constructed at the Iron King/Copper Chief Mine near Cottonwood, Arizona, located on Mingus Mountain, as part of a voluntary remediation effort to mitigate mining influenced water (MIW) from two former, historic, underground copper mines. Construction of the glory hole area cap, designed to minimize or prevent rainfall and runoff infiltration into the underground mine workings, was completed in 2007. The borrow site that provided the earthen fill for cap construction created a bench for the subsequent construction of the PTS in the mountainous terrain.