Sovereign Mining Resource Database, October 2018

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October 08, 2018


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This is a database of technical papers that focus on mined land reclamation, treatment of mining influenced water, mine closure, and related topics contains just the authors, paper titles, keywords (if any), conference session, and volume/page number of the proceedings.  Mostly, it does not contain links to the papers themselves.  It is provided to you without guarantee of accuracy or completeness. It has been assembled over the years by Sovereign Consulting Inc.‘s Jim Gusek, PE to help him quickly find papers by specific authors or conferences or topics, keywords, etc.  The following conferences and symposia are represented.  Consider this list as a living document. We will attempt to keep it current as best we can. If you discover an obvious error, please let us know. 

For further instruction on using the database, please see SMRD: A User’s Guide.

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