Disaster Response, Recovery, and Resilience

Quick Facts

  • In the US, 2012’s Superstorm Sandy affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard
  • Extreme weather events have increased at a rate of 1% annually since the 1980s
  • Hurricane Katrina caused $108B worth of damages (in 2005 USD)

When disaster strikes, significant threats and hazards to regional assets, critical infrastructure, personal property, and public health and safety arise. Sovereign’s experts empower our clients to identify vulnerabilities, manage risk and increase resiliency prior to an event, and respond rapidly with field assessment teams, as well as conduct short-term and long-term recovery operations and restore essential operations following disaster events.

Whether major events are natural or man-made, anticipated or unexpected, Sovereign is positioned to ensure a rapid disaster response to lay the groundwork for orderly recovery efforts to begin. Our hands-on experience, technical capabilities, internal organization, and ability to operate safely under the most difficult post-disaster conditions make Sovereign a preferred contractor.

Sovereign has a staff of skilled response and recovery technicians, engineers, safety professionals, and emergency managers to support disaster response and recovery operations. Our internal business continuity and response practices, flat management structure, and geographically dispersed teams ensure that we are able to rapidly deploy response and recovery teams to meet our clients’ needs.