Due Diligence / Property Transactions

Quick Facts

  • Completed more than 600 environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Advised and provided guidance for new ASTM standards for ESAs

Information is the resolution of uncertainty.
- Claude Shannon, mathematician

Because of their multidisciplinary training in site remediation, Sovereign’s due diligence professionals have expertise in identifying the symptoms of environmental issues. We consult with our clients regarding not only the possibility of an issue, but also its likely impact on cost, time and impairment of property use.

Failure to identify environmental conditions before purchasing a property may result in liability for the new owners and lenders and can reduce the property value. Sovereign performs site assessments and remedial investigations throughout the country to support property transactions. Sovereign personnel assess and investigate sites of varying scale, from small parcels of land to extensive, multi-acre industrial complexes for private and public sector clients. Sovereign interacts with clients and regulators during all phases of site investigation, while working to assess, identify, and delineate site conditions and potential contamination.

Over the past few years, Sovereign completed more than 600 environmental site assessments (ESAs) in accordance with ASTM E1527-97, E1527-00, and E1527-05 to support real estate transfer and acquisition. Our personnel carry out risk transfer assessment, litigation support, non-intrusive and intrusive assessment, and other investigative services under federal, state, and local regulations and industry protocols.