Insurance Support

Quick Facts

  • In-house environmental insurance experts and industry professionals
  • Reliable cost estimates for environmental cleanup
  • Consultation with nationwide insurance providers

The trade of insurance gives great security to the fortunes of private people, and by dividing among a great many that loss which would ruin an individual, makes it fall light and easy upon the whole society.
- Adam Smith, economist

Insurers and policyholders must determine whether damages from a pollutant release are covered. Sovereign provides expert consultation about the facts surrounding a release to assist the parties in making coverage decisions and determining allocations.

Sovereign works with clients to resolve insurance claims disputes and provide expert testimony on projects. Our expertise in conceptual site modeling and field assessment allows us to accurately determine expected remediation costs and support our clients in pursuit of environmental insurance claims.

In accordance with our commitment to liability management, we help our clients to work with insurers and obtain the right amount of coverage to match anticipated remediation project scopes, in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Our in-house environmental insurance experts can help clients recover costs for site remediation.