Landfill Services

Quick Facts

  • Obtained New York State’s first Part 380 discharge permit for treated groundwater containing radiological constituent
  • Converted closed landfills into helicopter landing areas, solar array farms, and open spaces

Since 1960, the nation’s municipal waste stream has nearly tripled, reaching a reported peak of 369 million tons in 2002. That’s more stuff, per capita, than any other nation in the world, and 2.5 times the per capita rate of Oslo, Norway.
- Elizabeth Royte

Sovereign offers landfill inspection, remediation, closure, and long-term monitoring at landfills, particularly of methane monitoring systems.

Sovereign has performed landfill design, maintenance, and closure throughout the East Coast. We have constructed and maintained leachate conveyance and methane monitoring systems. Sovereign has completed evaluation of hydrogeological conditions, numerical groundwater modeling, groundwater monitoring, and evaluation of methane monitoring and groundwater recovery operations at landfill facilities.

Our landfill expertise encompasses the following:

  • Landfill closure
  • Engineering design
  • Hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigations
  • Post-closure monitoring and confirmatory testing
  • Corrective action plans
  • Construction engineering
  • Permit preparation and submittal
  • Site reuse planning
  • Long-term monitoring