Operation / Maintenance / Optimization

Quick Facts

  • At any given time, Sovereign operates and maintains more than 100 active remediation systems.
  • More than half of Sovereign’s active treatment systems use more than one treatment technology to optimize results.

Sovereign personnel operate, maintain, and optimize numerous soil and groundwater remediation systems throughout the U.S. Our goal is to enhance and improve existing systems through value-added engineering and reassessing site conditions and remediation objectives. Our value-added approach increases system efficiency and lowers costs.

Sovereign’s remediation systems use numerous technologies, from air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and ozone injection to free product recovery, biosparging, and multi-phase extraction. Our continual optimization review throughout the life cycle of our projects allows us to make necessary changes to guarantee highly favorable performance metrics and benefit our clients’ long-term site closure goals.

When site conditions permit, Sovereign upgrades systems with automated maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities to reduce the need for service calls. For example, Sovereign has installed auto-restart capabilities into several SVE systems equipped with catalytic oxidizers which allow the systems to restart without operator intervention in the event of a power loss. Automating system operation and providing remote monitoring capabilities helps clients achieve cost savings on mobilization, maintenance, and repair costs.

Our services are:

  • Full-service operation of remediation systems
  • Full-time groundwater treatment plant operation
  • System design, specification, and permitting
  • System start-ups and shut-downs
  • System decommissioning
  • System performance optimization
  • Permit compliance monitoring and reporting