Remediation System Installation and Maintenance

Quick Facts

  • Install more than 30 new systems annually
  • Produces more than $1M in annual cost savings through automation, system upgrades, and reuse of system components

Most remediation systems are dynamic and need to be readjusted during different phases of a clean-up to maximize efficiency. We lend our practical expertise in remediation to determine the best system installation and next-phase reconfiguration to optimize cleanup efficiency.

Sovereign’s O&M staff members assemble, start up, modify, and repair many different types of systems. Our staff performs minor repairs in the field and coordinates major system repairs as needed. We manage all aspects of system installation and maintenance, from design and permitting to site management and start-up. Sovereign’s engineering team ensures that our sites use the safest, most cost-effective design possible.

Our remedial system installation and maintenance services encompass:

  • Construction of treatment systems using industry standard and innovative technologies
  • Full-service design and installation of remediation systems
  • System bench and field-scale testing
  • Process flow, control, and equipment schematic preparation
  • Preparation of user-friendly, comprehensive O&M manuals, start-up procedures, and checklists