Risk Management

Quick Facts

  • Project management database coordinates more than 13,500 tasks across 180 external resources
  • Brought several Fortune 500 companies to compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

Risk analysis, control and transfer are the three legs of risk management. We employ risk management techniques from the board room level down to the project level. Sovereign is experienced at identifying hazards and developing plans to avoid, mitigate or transfer their adverse effects. Whether it is spill prevention planning or third party transfer through indemnities or environmental insurance, we offer our clients a broad spectrum of risk management consultation.

Sovereign believes that environmental activities must be driven by a strategy that maximizes client control of the administrative and regulatory processes. We help our customers take a proactive approach to monitoring and managing environmental risks. Sovereign can assist environmental managers to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for disclosure controls and procedures for environmental liabilities. Our expertise is in developing strategic long-range plans (SLRP) for complex sites.

We are an avid proponent of risk management and risk-based remediation approaches based upon cost-benefit analysis and proven remediation technologies. Sovereign works to extinguish long-term liabilities and life-cycle costs for our clients and manage costs and schedules through our database management (linkto database management) system.