Soil / Groundwater Remediation

Quick Facts

  • More than 100 site closures each year
  • From characterization to site closure, remediation services make up 70% of Sovereign’s revenue.

The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
- Ross Perot, politician

Soil and groundwater remediation is Sovereign’s core business. With a staff balanced towards remediation professionals, we rely less than most firms on subcontractors and can control the costs and pace of our remediation projects directly.

Sovereign has performed hundreds of large-scale remedial actions at sites throughout the country. Our remediation strategy emphasizes the combination of source area remediation or containment with natural attenuation of any residual areas or zones of impact. We design remedial approaches using several types of traditional and innovative technologies and manage the installation and ongoing operation and maintenance of treatment systems.

Prior to initiating work, Sovereign works with clients to define specific performance objectives and ensure compliance with project deadlines and milestones. Our project managers evaluate the effectiveness of remedial system operation in light of diminishing returns and perform cost-benefit analyses to determine if additional hot spot remediation will shorten project durations. Our ongoing remediation performance evaluations provide an objective measure of the costs to closure.